William Gallas, Arsenal captain and whingebag, has today launched a scathing attack on the Champions, branding us too arrogant and complacent.

United and Arsenal are set to lock horns in the FA in just a few hours time and it seems as though Gallas is keen to get a verbal slanging match up and running before kick off.

“They are a strong team with lots of experienced players,” said Gallas. “But, sometimes, they think they’re too good. Too arrogant, yes. It can make you complacent. We understand that problem. We know we have to score goals, be strong in defence and kill teams in the first half. Our squad can win things. And I know that it will be difficult for Manchester United to win.”

All this talking counts for little if Arsenal don’t come to Old Trafford and kill us off. It’s enlightening to hear Gallas’ opinion and maybe he feels the need to do his talking off the pitch after scoring a goal on the pitch for us last time the clubs met?

I hope come this evening Gallas and his team have given us yet another reason to be arrogant…

Are the United players arrogant? Will the Arsenal players become more arrogant if they manage to win anything?