garry cook

Manchester United are through to the League Cup final after outplaying Manchester City home and away.

Rewind one week and chief executive Garry Cook was claiming City were definitely going to beat United at Old Trafford and book their place in the final.

“This football club will be without doubt the biggest and best in the world,” Cook said. “People don’t like to hear it but I’ll make no excuses for saying it, and I will never stop saying it because I truly believe it with the resources and capabilities that we have – and when, not if, we’re at Wembley having beaten Man United yet again!”

Now, this hilarious statement should come as no surprise to us, given that Cook once claimed that “comedy has always been the heart of what this club is all about”, with the City chairman proving to be a gift that keeps on giving where material to take the piss out of City is concerned.

Roberto Mancini also had faith in the bitters, claiming that they would be able to take our mocking banner down after the second leg.

“When we go to Old Trafford, we will take that banner down,” he said. “This is the last year because we will win.”

Wemberlee, Wemberleeeee, we’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wemberlee!