“If I was to pick out a good role model, it would be Gary Neville, an estimable professional over a long period of time.”

Chris Grayling, the Tory shadow minister for Liverpool, believes young scousers should look up to Neville, as Grayling tries to crack down in knife crime in Merseyside.

Joey Barton, who has been involved in several incidents of violence, and whose brother murdered someone by sticking an axe in their head, was singled out as the wrong type of role model for people in the area.

Given Steven Gerrard’s recent run in with the law, it appears as though they’re having to look down the East Lancs Road for positive role models for young scousers to attempt to emulate.

Not exactly the best way to win over the locals eh? After working hard to free Michael Shields, he will certainly have rubbed up a few people up the wrong way!