Fabio Capello revealed in the week that he had spoken to members of the squad about the change of England captaincy. Despite not bothering to let Rio Ferdinand know of the change, Steven Gerrard was one of the players he told.

Gerrard has revealed that he got the call and despite being upset for Rio, is very happy that John Terry is England captain again.

“I did actually get a call,” said Gerrard. “The manager spoke to me. He spoke to me and just explained what he’d been doing; he didn’t have to. The manager’s paid to make big decisions and he’s made the decision and I think we all have to respect it and move on. The captaincy’s very important and I’m really pleased for John that he’s got it back because I know what it means to him. I know he’s been frustrated since he lost it,” he said. We have to all respect the manager’s decision. The good thing is that we went on and won the game and played well. We can all move on from the captaincy thing now. Everyone’s obviously upset for Rio because he hasn’t done anything wrong to lose it. Everyone’s pleased for John and as a player being in the middle it’s difficult.”

Despite the fact that both Rio Ferdinand and John Terry had played in 2 of the 6 games England have played, Capello used the excuse he wanted a permanent captain in charge of the team.

Today, Terry was one of the players Capello released from the squad ahead of England’s midweek game. Permanent captain?