Ahead of the it being confirmed that Luis Suarez had racially abused Patrice Evra, Kenny Dalglish claimed that the guilty party should be punished. That would mean if Evra couldn’t prove he was innocent, he should be punished for making the accusation.

Liverpool players then warmed up in t-shirts in support of Suarez and once Suarez was found guilty, showed no remorse. Instead, Suarez refused to apologise to Evra whilst Dalglish claimed the decision was some kind of FA conspiracy. Liverpool FC refused to accept that Suarez was guilty and released an official statement offering him their full support, despite the guilty verdict.

As a result, Liverpool fans believe their player has done no wrong and that Evra is the guilty party. Three weeks after Suarez was found guilty, their fans were racially abusing an Oldham player during a game.

Liverpool are now worried that during this high profile FA Cup clash on Saturday that their fans will be guilty of more of the same, with captain Steven Gerrard voicing his concern.

“We all have a responsibility,” said Gerrard. “We all have a responsibility to ensure that this game is remembered for the football. Liverpool and Man United is a massive rivalry and, of course, there is going to be stuff in the papers and banter between fans. But it would be fantastic if, after the weekend, it is remembered for being a top game and obviously, from our point of view, a Liverpool win. We don’t want any front-page stories from this game or any stories besides a football match between two top sides.”