Since Ferguson has confirmed he will be retiring within the next few years, there has been plenty of speculation over who will be replacing him. This will arguably become the biggest appointment ever, following around 25-years under the manager, filled with success. Hopefully, by the time he packs it, United will have won more league titles than any other team in England, considering we’re just one short of Liverpool’s 18 at the moment.

With so many former players of Fergie making it in to Premiership management, there are a few candidates the press don’t even have to think about when writing up their predictions. Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane and Paul Ince were all important players for Fergie at one time or another, and their ambition would certainly see them fancy the job.

So, ahead of United’s clash with Blackburn, Ince, or ‘the Guv’nor’, if we are to refer to him by his self-proclaimed nickname, has tipped himself for the job.

‘Who’s to say what might happen in the future,” Ince said. “Why not?”

Where do you want me to start, you bin-dipping-badge-kissing cockney twat…

I don’t keep my feelings on Paul Ince close to my chest. He is one of a handful of players I truly can’t stand. It probably originates from my love for him as a kid, copying the goal celebration he performed with Giggs back when I was a lad (I was a cool kid, obviously). I thought he was the bees knees. Sure, he was cocky and full of himself, but he was a bloody good player and could have seen out his career with us.

He got too big for his boots, cleared off to Italy, only to return to the Premiership a couple of years later. Now, whilst I’d never be pleased to see any of our former well-loved players playing at Anfield, I can accept that we weren’t going to take him back and he wanted a career in England. Fine. However, his behaviour after becoming a dipper is what confirms to me what a complete and utter twat he is.

As the 1998-1999 season was drawing to a close, United took on Liverpool. Obviously we were chasing all three competitions and there was little to no room for mistakes with Arsenal still hoping to win the league.

Paul Ince scored against us in the dying moments of the game and celebrated like he’d just won the European Cup. He was overjoyed, kissing their badge in front of their fans. Why was he so happy? Because maybe he had just denied us our chance of winning the title. And now he thinks he can manage our club one day? Fuck that.

“I’d need to do reasonably well in the Premier League for six or seven years to even be considered,” Ince continued. “But I know how the club work and I know all about the success the club thrive on.”