Darron Gibson has certainly started to make a bit of a name for himself, getting his name on the scoresheet more often than not when he’s given an opportunity to play. The best of these was clearly his blinding shot against Peterborough in the pre-season, but his FA Cup goals against Southampton and Derby shouldn’t be scoffed at.

However, I’m not entirely sure the lad has got ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. He just doesn’t really look like a United player. He’s not some kid, he’s only a couple of years younger than Rooney, but he hasn’t seemed to develop at the rate some would like. Rodrigo Possebon has got it, no doubt, the da Silvas have got it, but there seems something kind of clumsy and slow about Gibson.

Some people have started to hail him as the next Roy Keane, which I think is pushing it. At Gibson’s age, Keane was just about to sign for United after receiving praise from all areas for his performances at Forest.

I have been told to give Gibson time with plenty of reds insisting he needs time. What I think is irrelevant though because if Fergie fancies him as someone to make it, he will keep playing him until he is good enough.

Thinking of this got me thinking of Darren Fletcher, a player I have slated for years until the past couple of seasons. Ferguson was determined to have his potential realised, so played him time and again, even when his form was dreadful. Despite being tipped as a big thing as a youngster, I didn’t think he had ‘it’ and Fergie drove me mad.

So I guess the jury is still out on Gibson, with Fletcher acting as his saving grace for now. But put it this way, I won’t be overly surprised if Gibson is sold for £2 million to a Championship side within the next couple of seasons!