Ryan Giggs has sung the praises of Manchester United’s only summer signing so far, Memphis Depay. Giggs claims that Depay is the United “type” of player and that he expects him to score plenty of free-kicks for us next season.

[Depay] is the kind Old Trafford will warm to. He’s an exciting player, but there’s also substance behind it. He was top scorer in the Dutch league and got plenty of assists as well. He’s a “United” type. Our fans demand exciting players, players who can get them off their seats and score spectacular goals. One thing we probably have lacked since Cristiano – and Becks before him – is free-kicks. And it looks like Depay has a great track record from free-kicks as well. Over a season, if you can score more from free-kicks and corners it adds up and makes a real difference in winning games. So, no pressure… but hopefully he’ll score 10 free-kicks every year.