What appeared to be a season defining moment happened early on for Manchester United after we drew with Fulham at Craven Cottage.

Four minutes from time, Nani missed a penalty which would have put us 3-1 up. Two minutes later, Fulham equalised and United dropped two valuable points.

“I thought Ryan should have taken it,” Ferguson said after the game. “In the last game we played against Tottenham at home Ryan scored two penalty kicks and Nani was on the pitch.”

Ryan Giggs has revealed that the manager was furious with him for allowing Nani to take the penalty.

“Players are more fragile now, so the manager has had to adapt,” he said. “The hair dryer doesn’t come out as much, but his man management is brilliant. He knows when to have a go or when to look after you, and he knows how to deal with most situations. He has seen everything. I have still seen him go crazy loads of times in the last few years. He still loses it with me. That last time was after the Fulham game this season, because I didn’t take the penalty, Nani did, and missed it, so we ended up drawing. Oh, he can still give it!”