In Ryan Giggs’ acceptance speech at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards, he called Manchester United “the greatest club” and Sir Alex Ferguson “the greatest manager that has ever lived.”

Today, Giggs has claimed that he will retire before the manager does.

“I think it will be me,” replied Giggs when asked who he thought would retire first. “The manager is as good as ever and will go on for a long time. I can still see him as manager of United in five years’ time, easily, because as long as he is healthy he will have the desire to carry on. He has a great team around him, he has his passions away from the game and can get away with his horse racing. When he comes back to football he is refreshed, and I know he still has that desire.”

When Ryan Giggs first started at United he feared the manager, just as all players do, although claims the boss has mellowed in his old age.

“Our relationship has never been better,” he continued. “It has evolved. He speaks to me like a friend and asks for my advice, which gives me tremendous confidence. We still argue, which is normal, we are all winners. The younger players still fear him, but not like when I was their age. He has mellowed, he isn’t near as frightening as 20 years ago.”