Ryan Giggs will turn 36-years-old in a couple of months so it makes sense for him to be thinking about his future. His United playing career will likely draw to a close within the next couple of seasons and Giggs is planning to stay in football, although as yet is undecided as to what career path he wants to follow.

“Football is my life, but I’m not going to be playing at 40 – and I will look for another challenge within in the game,” said Giggs. “When my body tells me I can’t sustain playing at the highest level any more I know it will be time for me to call it a day. I want to finish playing at the top. I have no intention of playing in the lower leagues to sustain my playing career. I have done my coaching courses and would like to stay in the game in some capacity. I think there are numerous opportunities that will allow me to stay in the game, be it in coaching, the media or training in some capacity. I am told that you can inadvertently fall into management – like Mark Hughes and then you get bitten by the bug.”