Ryan Giggs has revealed at after the final game of the season, he cried when he realised that it was the last time he could be seeing the players and staff at United as a fellow employee.

Having taking on the role of interim manager and not signed a new deal as a player, Giggs had to face the possibility that Louis van Gaal wouldn’t ask him to stay at the club and he would be saying goodbye, after over two decades at United.

“We got off the plane at Manchester Airport,” he said. “I was saying goodbye to the players, thanking them. Potentially saying goodbye to a lot of players for the last time, a bit of staff, and I’m not an emotional… well, I didn’t think I was. I’m not a really emotional person but my car was parked right outside and I thought, ‘I need to get in my car here’. I could feel myself getting emotional. So I get in my car and I just went, started crying, started getting really emotional and I think it was just a mixture of what I’ve just said, saying goodbye to people for maybe the last time, and the pressure that I put myself under.t sounds stupid now, but it’s just not me, it’s just not me at all. So I came out the airport and I came at the lights and Nicky Butt has just pulled up next to me and I’m thinking, ‘F***ing hell, I can’t let Butty know that I’ve just been crying’. So I just give him a little wave and just looked the other way and waited for the lights to go green.”