Ryan Giggs has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson has mellowed over the years, but that he spent the first ten years of his United career avoiding the intimidating manager.

“Over the years he’s mellowed,” said Giggs. “Maybe the dynamics of the game has changed but it comes from experience, the success he’s had and the enjoyment he gets out of it. But don’t think the desire and the hunger isn’t there. It’s still there as it was when I first met him. He still wants to win, he still hates losing and likes to play football in the right way. My relationship has changed with him. When I first met him I was 13 and for the next 10 years you try and keep out of the way. He asks your advice more now than when you were a younger player. You have that experience, you’re in the changing-room day-in, day-out. So it’s a natural progression from manager to coach to experienced player in the dressing room.”