Cristiano Ronaldo is about our only player who celebrates his goals by taking his shirt off, surely a ploy for the ladies. Although Ryan Giggs was doing it long before Ronaldo even joined the club, famously ripping his shirt off and swinging it around his head after scoring that goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup.

Giggs has today confessed that despite previous assertions, he might celebrate in the same way if he scores an equally important goal for us again. Saying that, we didn’t see his gorilla chest after he scored the goal which secured the league title for us last season, so just how important would the goal have to be!

“Of course I remember it and know I will be remembered for it,” said Giggs. “It was a great moment at Villa Park for me personally and for the team, a massive turning point in the season that ended in the Treble, a massive night. I don’t know if I like it – because people remember the celebration more than the goal. I used to say I would never do it again, but you never know. When you score a goal, especially an important one like that, the feelings rise up and you’ve no control over yourself, you just haven’t. That’s what football is all about. You never know what’s going to happen next. If I score an important winning goal again in the last minute I might just do it.”