The banter between United and City fans is something I enjoy immensely. Insults and digs are exchanged between both sets of fans in regards to what has (and hasn’t) been won, the players on the pitch and results from the past.

Ryan Giggs, a player who most fans find rather inoffensive, is a source of great of frustration for our bitter neighbours.

Giggsy trained at City for a few years before being snapped up by Manchester United. On his 14th birthday, Sir Alex Ferguson showed up on his doorstep and asked him to sign for United. For a life long red, this of course was a dream come true.

The story of Ryan Giggs is documented on Sky Sports tonight, with stories about his early career at City, being a tight bastard, and that goal against Arsenal.

In the programme, “It’s a wonderful run from Giggs”, Sir Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona, Mark Hughes, Paul Ince, Lee Sharpe, Paul Scholes, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Kaka are amongst the people commenting on Giggs’ career.


“Two or three of us, the best players in [my junior] team, went down to City, we used to go on a Thursday night at Platt Lane,” said Giggs. “I enjoyed it but I was a United fan! I remember turning up in a red top and was made to take it off! I’d wanted to play for United from an early age. Obviously I was at City but City hadn’t really approached me with a contract even though I’d trained there for two or three years. I think maybe they assumed that I’d sign for them, I don’t know, but I’d enjoyed the week at United, it just felt like home. I had no hesitation in signing.”

Tight bastard

“He’s tight, very tight,” said Giggs’ former team mate, Phil Neville. “He’s always borrowing money – off Butty, Gaz, myself – on nights out. When he was living in Manchester he got a lift in with my brother (Gary) every day to save money. My brother didn’t realise what he’d been used for, he thought he’d gained a good friend!”


“These are the good things about football,” said the Brazil star. “One day I am watching Ryan Giggs play, or I am playing with him on my Playstation, and now I am actually playing against him in real matches.”