Ryan Giggs has revealed that he was pissed off last summer after Manchester United missed out on a fourth successive title by one point.

“I don’t think about the titles I’ve won,” said Giggs. “I just look at the future. Last year, for example, when Chelsea won the Double – it winds you up. You don’t want it to happen again. You don’t want to feel like you did last summer. You want to feel like the year before when you won the league. It’s not the fear of failure. It’s just craving that feeling of winning the title. We lost by one point last year and it stays with you. You go on holiday, trying to enjoy yourself with the kids, and you do, but then you have a quiet moment, it comes back to you what happened and, I’ll say it, you’re pissed off. You’re on holiday and you’re just pissed off.”

You hear it all the time but there’s really got to be something special at United if 37-year-olds who have already won 11 league titles have this much hunger.