Ryan Giggs has revealed that he is enjoying his football more than ever, suggesting that he will be interested in renewing his contract at the end of the season.

“I’ve always said the three things I’m always looking for are that I’m getting picked, that I’m enjoying it and that I’m fit,” he said. “At the moment all those things are happening so I carry on playing. The last two or three years we’ve reviewed it as the season’s gone on to see what I’m doing next year and we’ll do the same this season. At the moment I’m enjoying it more than ever.”

Whilst Gary Neville’s Manchester United career is obviously over, Giggsy should certainly be offered another year, and Paul Scholes too.

If Giggs was to retire at the end of next season, it would mean he had played at the highest level of football until he was 38-years-old. That is what is so incredible about him. It’s not just that he’s been playing regularly for a long time, it’s that he’s been playing regularly for one of the best team’s in the world, in the Premiership and Champions League.

Fergie, sign him up!