Ryan Giggs has spoken about what it’s like to be the most successful player in the history of Manchester United, with the record number of appearances, 13 league titles, two European Cups, four FA Cup, three League Cups, among other trophies.

I think it’s special because you know we’re a club that gives youth a chance and that again goes back to Sir Matt’s days. The fans demand it, they want to see players come through the system, one of their own, and they give you a little bit of leeway in that respect. If you have a misplaced pass or you miss a chance they’re a lot more forgiving because you’re one of them. Just like them you’re a supporter. So it is very special when a young player comes through and establishes themselves in the first team.

I’ve been lucky. Of course I’ve worked hard and I had a talent which I made the most of. But I was lucky that I came into a team with such good players during such a successful era for the club. I’m tremendously proud first and foremost to have played for a team that I supported and to have played for so long and won so much is just a bonus. I never, ever took it for granted. I knew it would end sometime so I just wanted to make the most of it while I could. And that’s what I did.

I obviously felt very proud and to break Sir Bobby’s record was something that I never thought I would achieve. To do it on such a great night – winning the Champions League – and sharing it with Sir Bobby was one of the proudest moments of my career.