Like most United fans, I am enjoying Ryan Giggs’ good form of late. He has successfully made the transition from winger to central midfielder, taking on players, providing goals (11th highest assister in the league) and starting to look more like a captain.

Whilst it’s great to see Giggs get the praise he deserves, particularly when considering he is the most decorated player this league has ever seen, with more appearances for United than any other player and setting a great example to any young professionals, however, I can’t help but think people are whipping themselves in to a frenzy. People are talking about him being named Player of the Season and how he looks better than ever before.

“There is an argument to say Ryan is playing better than he has ever done,” said Mike Phelan yesterday. “He goes on to another level every year. We can only be happy with that.”


Ryan Giggs was a fucking superstar. He could outsprint anyone, one dip of his shoulder and he was gone. He did this on a weekly basis, several times a match, not just once in a blue moon, as he did against West Ham.

I understand Giggs’ role is different now and recently he’s fulfilled that role admirably, but that doesn’t make him better than he was at his peak. There have been stretches this season where Giggs has had one average game after another, and that’s putting it kindly. Wayward passing and frustrated hands-on-hips glares at the referee when he’s not awarded a freekick for losing possession characterised his game for chunks of the season.

This isn’t me ripping him to shreds or being unkind, merely trying to even out the balance. The press he’s receiving at the moment is bordering on hysteria and whilst I’m pleased to see him given his due, I think Giggs is being done a disservice when people claim he’s better than ever. He’s adapted well, he’s playing well, but at his best, Giggsy was special.

I’m made up that Giggs still has a part to play in our squad and I truly believe that after he’s retired all the praise he’ll get will be fully deserved, but let’s not downgrade Giggsy of days gone by with comparing him to his performances now.

Let’s remind ourselves…