Ahead of the League Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton, Ryan Giggs has spoken about the importance of winning a trophy. 

I think it is always important to win a trophy.

This was the first trophy I won and it was the first trophy that I think Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo won, so it does give players that feeling of what it is like to win something with Manchester United.

That gives you the confidence to then go on and it sort of takes the pressure off a little bit that you have already won something this season. Especially with United going for the fourth place, the FA Cup and the Europa League, it is sort of that little bit of security that you’ve already won something.

On the way to the final, Southampton played only Premier League teams, including the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal, and won every game without conceding a single goal. Giggs recognises this means they won’t be pushovers at Wembley. 

It won’t be easy. Southampton have proved in the competition that they can produce performances.

Obviously they have the two centre-halves missing who have been a big part of things, but still they’re an organised team and a team that will counter-attack really quickly.

It won’t be easy. I mean finals are never easy. We saw that last year in the FA Cup final when we were losing against Palace, even in the semi-final at Wembley when we had to score late against Everton through Anthony Martial.

It is not going to be easy but as a United fan obviously I hope we do it.