Ryan Giggs has revealed that whilst being made Manchester United manager is the proudest moment of his life, he faced his difficulty when deciding which players he had to drop for yesterday’s victory over Norwich.

“I didn’t sleep last night,” he revealed. “Leaving the likes of Juan Mata out of the starting 11 was a difficult decision, it was a position I’d never been in before. I’m interim manager, but I’m also one of their team mates, so leaving them out was tough. I told them all individually before the game, a few of them were upset and rightly so. But they didn’t sulk; you saw the response of Juan. That’s a true professional, to not moan and come on to produce a performance like that for half an hour. I said before the game that I could have played two teams, because the response of the players has been brilliant, I trust them all. It was really difficult to choose the team, but Rio and Nemanja have got that experience, as well as Patrice. I wanted experience in the team, because I knew that it would be an emotionally-charged day and that we wouldn’t have it all our own way. Norwich are fighting for their lives, I know these players and they didn’t let me down.”