Manchester United claimed their 10th title in 16 years yesterday, the 17th in the clubs’ history. Whilst most United fans had previously been confident of retraining the title earlier than the last day, the excitement, nerves and satisfaction that came with winning it after the final game of the season certainly made up for it.

Our players have of course given a glowing report on their team mates, as well as our deserved league success, which in the end was decided on points rather than goal difference as had been presumed by the Chelsea camp.

Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo Carrick and Van der Sar have all reflected on the season, claiming they are hungry for even more glory.

Ryan Giggs

“It feels great,” he said. “I’m not bothered about individual records, this is what it’s all about – championships. We knew it would be a tough game, and it was. We did well in the first half and got that first goal. Then it was a case of holding on. Winning the league feels great, and hopefully we can win another trophy in ten days’ time.”

Wayne Rooney

“We were under a little bit of pressure towards the end of the season,” he said. “But we hung in there. We knew that coming into the last two games, if we got six points we’d be champions. We could see the finish line. It was in our hands and we weren’t going to let it slip. We were so determined to retain the title.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

“The pressure was high, but we believed in ourselves and we deserved to win the title, definitely,” he said. “I was confident because I felt that if I scored we would win the match. I am very happy to help my team. This was a team effort and I think we deserved it because we are the best team in the Premier League.”

Michael Carrick

“Being champions last year, we wanted to prove that it wasn’t a one-off,” he said. “This season wasn’t as straightforward as last season. We didn’t start too well and being behind Arsenal like we were, people were saying it was over. But to come out on top like we have done is very satisfying, we have really earned it. It was great winning it on the day. Last year, even though it was a fantastic feeling that we were champions, I was sat in the front room in my house when we won it. It’s not quite the same as winning your game to win the title. It was a terrific feeling, and once you get it you want more of it. We’re driving on for the third in row already.”

Edwin Van der Sar

“It is so much better to actually win it on the day,” he said. “This feels so much better than last year. I was grateful to win it last year and I was very happy but this has felt so much better. It might mean having to go through a few anxieties but it was all worth it.”