Ryan Giggs has revealed he was less that impressed with Wayne Rooney for the timing of his transfer request but admits he was more concerned about his own fitness that the prospect of Rooney leaving.

“He had more than enough people in the dressing room who are closer to him talking to him, so I left it. I didn’t really get involved,” said Giggs. “I was surprised, just like everyone else, but I didn’t feel let down. It’s weird, when you’re at a club with 20 other people in a dressing room, people outside of that see it far differently. But inside a club, players are selfish. I’m not saying Wayne is selfish, what I mean is that week I was more bothered about getting fit. I thought, ‘I hope Wayne does get it sorted, but if he doesn’t…’ Well, you just concentrate on yourself. It was before a Champions League game, so the timing was stupid, but deep down I thought he would stay and it would all be sorted out.”