Ryan Giggs scored for Manchester United in the week against Middlesbrough, providing a cool finish when one on one with the keeper.

Giggs is one of the few players, who are still playing, that can be happily referred to as a legend. He has won more league titles than any other player in the history of English football, he has played more games for Manchester United than any player ever, and has won two European Cups.

After moving to Salford as a 7-year-old, playing for Manchester City’s youth team before joining United, Giggs is a player with a sound understanding of our city. Whilst it may be hard to believe for some outside of Manchester, generally the fans of the two clubs get on fairly well. When United beat Chelsea in the Champions League final, I had plenty of blues confess to me they’d rather it was us and not the rent boys crowned Champions of Europe.

The banter has been pretty impressive over the past few months, following the takeover of City, United’s situation in debt, City’s exit at the 2nd Round of the Carling Cup, and United’s position as Champions of England and Europe.

Whilst the banter isn’t always friendly, it is undeniable that Mancunians are very proud people and love the city.

Today, Ryan Giggs has spoken out about the possibility of a competetive rivalry with City, as well as what it means to Manchester to have both teams in the spotlight.

“Right now Manchester United are still the top team,” Giggs said, in light of the City takeover. “It’s not very often that someone leaves here to go to City and I couldn’t see it happening at the moment. It all depends on whether City bring in the players they say they will. But I think that over the next couple of years the top four will remain the same.”

Giggs has said it’s important that we don’t underestimate City though, as the amount of money they now have has to be taken seriously.

“You have got to take notice when something like this happens,” he added. “The new owners at City are talking about a lot of money. They already have a good manager in Mark Hughes and are already a decent team. Time will tell. If they spend that money then they have got to be taken seriously. It is great for Manchester to have the football world focusing on both of its teams.”