Following Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Aston Villa last night, confirming the club as champions, the players took part in a customary lap of honour around the pitch. However, after making it around once, the players opted to go a second time, fully emersed in the celebrations with the fans.

When they finally did get in to the tunnel Ryan Giggs was being interviewed on Sky Sports by his former team mate Gary Neville. With Giggs turning 40-years-old next season, Neville asked him when he was going to stop playing.

“Well, we went on that second lap of honour tonight and I was like ‘where are you going?! The tunnel is this way!’ I just wanted to get back in to the dressing room becase I was tired,” he joked. “I’m just enjoying it. As long as I’m enjoying it and contributing to the team I’ll carry on.”