After scoring United’s last goal in our Premiership winning season, as well as our last penalty in the European Cup final, many wondered whether Giggs was going to call it a day over the summer. He’s had a brilliant career, one which will probably only truly be recognised once he retires, so there might have been the temptation to end on a high.

Having now broken the record number of appearances for the club, Giggs reckons he might call an end to his playing career at the end of this season, although is fairly relaxed and will see how he feels.

“I will keep playing as long as I enjoy it, I am fit and the manager wants me,” said Giggs. “If one of those three things stops, I will consider retiring. It could be at the end of this season. Or it could be the next one. I am at the end of my contract in May, so we will see. At the minute, there hasn’t been any contact with United. I am as fit as I have ever been. The only difference is recovering from games. Two days after a game, I am still tired. Before, I could play Saturday-Wednesday, Saturday-Wednesday no problem. Today, I would be a lot less efficient at doing things. Nowadays, I only play once a week, it’s very good that way.”

Giggs has also reflected on how his feelings towards trophies and stress have changed over the years. 

“Today, victories and titles make me happier than when I was younger, because I know that they could be the last ones,” he added. “The Champions League win last season made me a lot happier than in 1999, for instance. I am lot more confident than I was before. My relation to stress has changed over the years. When I was first in the first team, at 17 or 18, I felt no pressure at all. Nothing. It lasted for three to four years. Then things changed, injuries happened, I had poor games, and suddenly I started feeling the pressure. It weighed on my game. But since I turned 30, I don’t think about anything any more, there’s no pressure.”

Do you think Giggs should retire at the end of this season?