David Gill has revealed that the Manchester United players have not been distracted by the green and gold protests which have been taking place inside Old Trafford for the past few months. Whilst our chief executive would prefer to see the stadium full of the traditional red and white instead of green and gold, he cites Sir Alex Ferguson’s stance which is everyone has the right to protest.

“I’ve asked the players and they say they are not distracted, but if your question is ‘Would I prefer all red and white instead of gold and green when you have a full stadium and you are playing host to famous opposition’, of course I would,” Gill said. “If the question is ‘Would I prefer not to look out of my office and see the scarves they are selling on the street’, of course I’d prefer that. But as Alex has said, people have a right to protest. Nobody is going to stop that, and in the ground itself we are not going to stop that, but I do object to the obstruction of peoples’ view by some banner when they have paid good money for their seats.”