The posters supporting the anti-Glazer campaign which have popping up around town have been designed free of charge by Justin Cernis of The Cernis Collective.

He has today revealed that this is just the beginning though, with more ideas on the way to help boost the membership of MUST.

“What we want are as many ideas as possible so that we can organise a co-ordinated campaign,” he said. That will be far more effective than lots of people going off independently and doing their own thing. I think that the Glazer family might be surprised by what they have seen so far because they will now realise that they are dealing with a properly-managed media campaign. Ultimately, our key aim is to increase membership of MUST. At present, there are 151,000 members, but with 330m Manchester United fans worldwide, there is still great potential to increase that. It could well be that the Glazers come to understand the strength of feeling against their ownership of Manchester United and decide that the time has come to sell up.”

This news comes the same week that it has been revealed that the Red Knights are getting a financial plan together to put in a bid for the club at the end of the season. After initially bombarding the press, the group have taken a step back whilst the season is on-going in order to limit disruption. However, fans will be hoping if they are going to put a bid in, it will be done as soon after the season ends as possible, to ensure our much needed dealings in the transfer market aren’t put in jeopardy.