Ahead of United’s game against Liverpool, journalists claimed we were mocking Hillsborough when singing our “always the victims, it’s never their fault” chant. The truth of the matter is we are addressing the nature of Liverpool FC and scousers in general, always looking for someone else to blame.

Two Liverpool players have helped illustrate our point perfectly. Jonjo Shelvey was rightly sent off for his challenge on Jonny Evans. As he walked off the field, he blamed Sir Alex Ferguson for his red card. It wasn’t his fault he got sent off, but the Manchester United manager’s. He later took to Twitter and called Ferguson a “grass”, as if he was the first manager to jump up when an opponent has gone in over the ball on one of his players.

Glen Johnson conceded a penalty after Antonio Valencia ripped Liverpool apart in the lead up to our second goal. Johnson clipped Valencia’s heel, as was clearly shown by the Sky Sports analysis after the game (even Jamie YSB Redknapp conceded it was a penalty), and a penalty was awarded. Johnson didn’t even look to the referee in protest because he knew he had put his hands in Valencia’s back and had tripped him. When have you ever seen a player concede a penalty ten minutes from time in a game like Liverpool vs United in front of your own fans and not protest at all? The fact he didn’t is damning.

Just like Suarez initially apologised to Patrice Evra for refusing to shake his hand after racially abusing him, only to later claim he did no such thing after dopey Liverpool fans produced screenshots which they claimed showed Evra had been at fault, Johnson is changing his tune.

“I’ve watched it 50 times in there, not that I needed to – it’s not a penalty,” he said. “I didn’t touch him. I collided with Pepe, I didn’t touch Valencia at all. The referee told me he had to give it. He thought I touched him. There was no point me arguing with him on the pitch afterwards because he had already given it. It’s so frustrating because I’ve not touched him. It’s cheating at the end of the day. You don’t expect people to do that. This is one of the best leagues in the world and you’ve got people doing that.”

It’s never their fault…