With both Manchester City and Liverpool in the race to win the title this season, Gary Neville has been asked which side he would prefer. Like the rest of us, he hopes that neither do, and would prefer it if Arsenal did.

“I’ve been asked who would I rather win the title, Liverpool or Manchester City? Neither!” Neville said. “There’s no ideal answer for a United fan, on one hand it would give City a second title in three years and further confidence but if Liverpool win it they would get closer to United’s title haul. Arsenal are the team I’d like to see win the title if it isn’t United. I see similarities between the two clubs. They’ve shown patience with a manager for a long time without winning a trophy, which I believe are the correct values in football nowadays. By building for success over a long time Arsenal have seen the bigger picture. The last eight or nine years have been important to them for creating a magnificent stadium and now would be a great time for Arsène Wenger to win a trophy, whether that is the FA Cup of the Premier League. 1,000 games in charge is a great achievement for Wenger. He’s been a fantastic manager and introduced a new culture to football in England. In my opinion, his teams have always played football in the right way and he’s been a great servant to the English game and an ambassador for it.”

There’s no way Arsenal are winning the title this season but they would be my preference, even if not for the same reasons as Neville. It makes little difference to me that they’ve stuck with Arsene Wenger, I just dislike them the least out of the four teams who stand a chance of winning the league.

So, really, I am hoping for Chelsea to win the league, which is fairly painful. Wanting John Terry and Jose Mourinho to lift the trophy is a fairly painful predicament, but is preferable to City or Liverpool.

After them, I would go for City, but the team I really hope doesn’t win the league is Liverpool.

Gary Neville was speaking in his fortnightly column for EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Read the full column here: http://bit.ly/1fM1xOI