Following Arsenal’s FA Cup victory in May, Jack Wilshere lead a chant during the victory parade where he called Tottenham Hotspur “shit”. The FA punished him for it.

Gary Neville claims he loved this show of passion but wouldn’t have accepted the FA charge if it had been him.

When Jack Wilshere swore on a bus ride, I actually thought it was one of the best things Ive seen from a football player in the last five or 10 years. If I was a manager of players that all had that passion… Alright, they’d obviously been out the night before. But the reality of it is we cry out for players to have passion, and yet we are quite critical of them when they display passion. There were moments in my career where I… overstepped the mark. I actually challenged every FA charge I had, so that’s the difference. Jack took the punishment!