Robbie Savage
4 years too late your retirement

what a wonderful career you haven’t had!!

Glad you’ve retired. Saves me spinning out the old rubbish about how hard you work and play for your team!!

Best Player ever Robbie Savage! Anyone that poor who plays till they are 36 is a Genius!

Phil Neville
I always found i gave goals away when I was Centre Back and you were outside me.I’d still be playing if it wasn’t for covering you

was that at goodison when you started scoring for us to win us the league!!

you did beat us once yes! Did Those 3 points keep you up that season!

How do I get blond hair. Is it sunnier on merseyside!

I thought it was Ray Parlour causing us all the problems . He got the pen in 99 semi. Who brought him down!!

Your running out of my bad games. It would be easier for me to name your good ones ! Got to go on that note!

Rio Ferdinand
bore off!! Watch Fashion TV or something!