Gary Neville has spoken to BBC Radio 5 Live ahead of our crucial game against Chelsea this afternoon. He has given an insight to how the running of the routine goes on match days.

“He won’t have given his team talk before today,” he said. “They go through the same routine… unless he’s changed it in the last three months! They’ll get to Old Trafford a couple of hours before the game. About an hour and three quarters before the game, the manager will do twenty or twenty five minutes with the players, just letting him know what he expects. They’ll get their instructions, he doesn’t over-complicate things. Simplicity is the way he has always operated and it won’t be any different today.”

Neville reckons there isn’t a massive difference between the big games and any other games, but there is a switch in the intensity.

“I wouldn’t say the manager is nervous,” he continued. “That isn’t a word I’d use to describe Alex Ferguson. What you do get for games like today, at this stage of the season, is an intensity. These are the weeks of the season these players and this manager live for. This is what we love. Days like today are when you can cement your place in history. If we were to win today, it would put us in an almost unassailable position.”