Whilst in Singapore, Gary Neville has been speaking to The New Paper about whether he had any regrets about spending his entire career at Manchester United, rather than sampling football elsewhere.

Unsurprisingly, our former skipper has confirmed that the only reason he would have ever left United is if the manager told him he wasn’t good enough anymore.

“No, I can’t have regrets,” he said. “I was at the best club in the world, the club I grew up supporting, twenty minutes from where I live. It doesn’t get any better than that. I would never have left, unless the manager told me my time was up. But he never said that to me. Even at the end, I went to see him. He was always a very loyal person. If you deliver for him and you perform, he will stand by you all the way. We were always very committed, we always did our best every single day. For me, I was at the best football club, and I would have never wanted to leave. Why would I? I was eating fillet steak, you don’t have a hamburger when there’s fillet steak there!”

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