As a United fan, we’ve been more than lucky over recent years when it comes to watching vitally important goals. Whether it’s in the league or a cup, United have a tendancy to score pretty special goals. Now, to be special, they don’t have to be top quality, they just have to mean a lot. Like what, I hear you ask. Like Ruud scoring that penalty against Arsenal after missing a penalty against them the previous season, and getting ripped to shreds by their players and fans. Like Cantona scoring that perfect goal against Sunderland after getting stick over his form. Like O’Shea scoring in injury time in front of the Kop to take us 12 points clear. Like Darren Fletcher scoring against Chelsea a week after us getting battered 4-1 by Boro. You know the kindof goals I’m on about. The goals that make you go mental when you see the ball hit the back of the net. The goals that make you shout and swear and have you up on the table in the boozer.

So here’s a short video crammed with as many of those goals as I could fit. Enjoy!