1. “In a perfect world I would stay my entire career. I am dreaming about that.” (2 months later)
2. He’s injury-prone (something he has been denying since he was at Liverpool and something Giggsy warned him about years ago)
3. He’ll play for anyone for the money (Newcastle?? Really, Michael?)
4. “The brochure
5. “I believe my ambitions can be fulfilled at Liverpool. I find it a little insulting that, after 12 years’ service, my loyalty is being questioned. I want every supporter to know that I am as committed to Liverpool as any player at the club. I have been the same ever since I first came to Anfield as an 11-year-old.”
6. He ended Ronny Johnsen’s season after sticking his studs in to our defender’s ankle, and was sent off, after already lunging at Peter Schmeichel in a 1-1 draw in the 97/98 season.
7. He’s a whinger
8. He’s a target for Hull.
9. “In an ideal world, and in the long term, I want to help Liverpool become the most successful club in the world again.”
10. This is how happy scoring against us makes him.

Don’t forget the RoM free shirt summer competition!