In the opening months of the season, RoM ran the “Sing a Song For the Unsung” competition, where we asked fans to think up chant for player who don’t have one widely sung at Old Trafford.

The winner was a chant created for Patrice Evra, which we created a video for to spread the word.

It is Evra’s first match back on Sunday, following his unjust suspension for an incident at Stamford Bridge, where he will be greeted warmly by our fans (just how long can we stand to see JoS at left back?!). It’s a nice coincidence that his return game happens to be against Chelsea.

Having been in touch with Pete Boyle, chant supremo at Old Trafford, he assures me he will be getting our Patrice Evra chant going in the Blaize before kick-off on Sunday. Listen out for it!

Tune : ‘I Am Sailing’
“Patrice Evra, Patrice Evra,
Came from far away
Across the sea
To Old Trafford
So fuck off Gabby.
He hates scousers,
Just like me.”