The Daily Mail is running a feature on the top 50 footballers in the history of the game, with only four United players get a mention.

Saying that, two of them are in the top ten, as the only representitives of this league.

33 Cristiano Ronaldo
Will be remembered for blistering free-kicks and more step-overs than any man could ever need, Ronaldo has been the catalyst for Sir Alex’s current successful United side.

20 Peter Schmeichel
Some say it was his imposing stature and reflexes that kept the shots out, others say it was his blinding-bright red nose that put off opposing strikers. Captained Manchester United to the treble in 1999 and won the European Championship with Denmark in 1992.

8 Sir Bobby Charlton
The engine room of England’s victorious World Cup winning side of 1966, and remains the national side’s all-time top goal scorer.

4 George Best
Perhaps the greatest British footballer to ever live, Best never played at a World Cup but made up for this involving himself in many extra-curricular ‘activities.’

The top ten
1. Pele
2. Maradona
3. Cruyff
4. Best
5. Zidane
6. Puskas
7. Platini
8. Charlton
9. Di Stefano
10. Beckenbauer