alex ferguson green goldWhilst David Gill is happy to say whatever he thinks the Glazers expect of him, Sir Alex Ferguson has been speaking his mind in relation to the green and gold protests.

Not only has he reiterated his point that he has no problem with the protests, but has even added he is delighted to see our fans out in full force wearing the green and gold.

“I’ve no issue with the Red Knights,” said Ferguson. “I know some of them, I’m quite friendly with a couple of them, and I don’t deny them their right to protest. If they want to try to buy the club, it’s entirely up to them. I’ve always said that, when United became a plc way back, they were always going to be bought. I think people forget that point. But David summed it up when he said the club’s not for sale, so what can anyone do? I have no problems with protests. I saw plenty of green and gold scarves at Wembley on Sunday, and I was delighted to see them supporting the club. We’re quite happy. As long as they’re supporting Manchester United, they can wear what they bloody like!”