I’ve yet to see Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to being substituted but I’ve received enough texts to know it wasn’t pretty.

I can appreciate the frustration of being subbed off in a big game and I think it’s a good sign that Ronaldo wants to play every minute for us. That is a healthy attitude. But christ, does he really need to throw a temper tantrum about it.

He’s 24-years-old and he’s throwing his dummy out because he doesn’t see out the full 90 minutes? Is that serious? Throwing the jacket to the floor, shaking his head, holding his face in his hands, then speeding off right at the end of the game. Do me a fucking favour.

How many times in life do irritating or annoying things happen? Things that make you upset or angry or frustrated? You find out you’re not getting the bonus at work you’d been promised. Some dick at work takes credit for something you’ve done. You’re taken off a project you really were enjoying doing. You’re made to work late every night because redundancies are coming thick and fast and you don’t want to be one of them. But during those times, whose natural reaction is to behave the way Ronaldo did today? He’s a grown man for Christ’s sake!

So was it for the cameras’ sake? Or is he really that petulant? We’ve got massive games coming up and he should take it is a compliment that the manager wants to rest him!

Fergie doesn’t seem to mind though.

“He wanted to stay on, that’s the simple reason,” said Ferguson. “He’s in great form, but I have got to look at the bigger picture. He had an incredible performance at Arsenal in midweek, he ran his socks off. We have to think about how we get through our games and keeping him fresh. It’s great when players want to play. Take Jonny Evans, who was taken ill this morning. We put him on medication but he still said he wanted to play. He was feeling his hamstring at half time but again he wanted to play on. That’s the guts you want. I brought him off because I can’t take chances at this stage of the season.”