Self confessed Liverpool fan and Guardian journo, Sachin Nakrani, posted a six year old picture on Twitter of a Chelsea fan doing a Nazi salute, suggesting it was taken ahead of today’s FA Cup semi-final.

After several people pointed out to him that the picture was old he acknowledged his mistake. However, the strange thing about this was not the outdated picture, but that Nakrani would claim to take such offence after writing lies in The Guardian to defend Luis Suarez after he was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra.

What the report shows is that in deciding to ban Suárez for eight matches and fine the player £40,000 for racially abusing Evra, the panel judged that in a row which that boiled down to one man’s word against another, it was Evra who was telling the truth.

This article was published several hours after the FA published their report but directly contradicted what was actually written in the report. Luis Suarez’s chosen representative, Peter McCormick OBE, acknowledged that this case wasn’t “one man’s word against another”, as Nakrani claimed.

“215. It was accepted by both Mr Greaney and Mr McCormick in closing submissions that this is not simply a case of one person’s word against another.”

When on Twitter it was pointed out that him that is was fairly hypocritical for him to slam a random Chelsea fan for being racist six years ago, having written lies in defence of Suarez who was deemed guilty of racially abusing Evra, Nakrani went on to tell more lies.

Yes, this journalist claimed that he was receiving abuse from “Man Utd fans” because he had criticised Chelsea fans jeering during the minute’s silence for Hillsborough.

Of course, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Twitter, a simple search for someone’s username shows all the things that have been said to them, and not a single United fan had criticised him for the reason he claimed. All the criticism came because he is a lying hypocrite, slamming a racist fan at Chelsea whilst lying to defend Suarez in his article.

When asked to name and shame the people who had abused him, he obviously failed to do so, as there hadn’t been any United fans “abusing” him for the reason he claimed. Fancy lying again when it’s so easy to be found out.

Always the victim, it’s never your fault.