Manchester United take on Manchester City on Sunday with the vague hope of clawing back some points on the table toppers.

Ahead of the game, manager Pep Guardiola spoke of the respect he has for United. He came to Manchester as a player in 1994 as we drew 2-2, back when City were fighting a relegation battle in the Premier League, and talks of the privilege for him to compete against us again now.

They are so strong in all departments. Defensively. Bruno Fernandes, the speed upfront with James, Rashford, Martial. The experience of Cavani, a player I admire the most for what he’s done with his career.

It’s Manchester United. It’s a privilege to compete with them, to be in front of them. They know for all the times at Barcelona and Bayern when I played United I have an incredible respect. The respect was always there from playing as a player at Old Trafford. I respect all the clubs and I respect United. Scared is not the right word to explain when I approach one opponent. Respect, but I can lose and win and I prepare the games to beat the opponents.