Ethan Hamilton was called up to Manchester United’s matchday squad for our 2-0 win over Huddersfield on Saturday.

The teenager had played 90 minutes for the U-23 side the evening before but when Paul Pogba pulled out of the FA Cup game with illness, Hamilton got the call that he would be travelling to Huddersfield.

Having yet to make his first team debut, Hamilton was delighted with the experience.

Jose Mourinho’s decision to fill the seventh spot on the bench is in stark contract to Pep Guardiola’s behaviour a few weeks ago.

In a bid to make an odd point about not having enough players available, despite City outspending every club for four of the past five years, Guardiola opted to name a six-man bench and leave a spot empty.

Gary Neville called the decision a “joke” and said that the players in City’s academy must feel as though they’re wasting their time.

Guardiola defended the move by claiming the U-23s had played the evening before, but Mourinho’s treatment of Hamilton shows there’s no weight in this argument. So far this season, Guardiola has given less than 45 minutes combined of playing time to City’s academy graduates.

Long live Mourinho, the “monster who kills kids”!