Reports today claim that Owen Hargreaves is on the brink of signing for Manchester City after spending three hours at Bridgewater Hospital earlier today.

Hargreaves recently revealed that he offered to play for United for free this season but the club declined. However, he said he was in great shape and ready to make 40 appearances for a club this season.

Sir Alex Ferguson became increasingly frustrated with Hargreaves as the club continued to stand by him when helping him recover from his terrible injuries. Hargreaves insisted on finding his own treatments and the club were concerned about the mental barriers preventing him from returning, as much as the physical ones.

Mark Van Bommel has revealed he has turned down two moves to City over the past year, indicating that our rivals are certainly looking for a player in this mould. It’s hard to imagine that Hargreaves would get a game at City, even if by miracle he ever managed to be fit, and it’s hard to see his logic in signing for the club. Surely his priority should be playing football after so many years out, not warming a bench for top dollar.

As United fans wished him well, little did we know he was about to sign for our hated rivals.