Owen Hargreaves last game for Manchester United was our 1-1 draw away to Chelsea. He saw out the full 90 minutes before decisions were made to operate on both of his knees in November.

Whilst Darren Fletcher is capable of filling the more sterdy midfield role, we really are lacking in players like Hargreaves in our squad, which makes it so frustrating to be without him for so long. He is quality and could really add something to the way we play but it’s looking like the earliest we’ll get him back is 2010.

Regardless, Hargreaves has tried to stay positive and reckons he’ll be back better than before.

“I’m going to come back stronger and hopefully add a couple of years to my career,” said Hargreaves. “It’s been so frustrating. As an athlete and being so competitive, it’s hard to watch when you normally would be out there.”