Owen Hargreaves travelled to Colorado last month for surgery on his right knees, in a bid to cure his tendonitis.

Richard Steadman was his surgeon, who has previously worked on the likes of Alan Shearer, Allesandro Del Piero and Michael Owen, and is widely regarded to be the best in the World at what he does.

Ferguson has today revealed that Hargreaves isn’t feel pain in the knee that has already been operated on and is set for surgery on his left knee in the new year.

“Owen has been living in Colorado while he recovers from the operation on one knee,” said Ferguson. “He says he hasn’t got any pain at all in the knee that’s been operated on, so we are very hopeful everything will be fine after the next operation. His time at United has been overshadowed by the problems with his knees. We tried to manage the situation without surgery but we are optimistic now that the operations will be the answer to it all.”