Joe Hart has reflected on the mood of the England camp when it is filled with plenty of United and City players. Hart insists the players are respectful of each other, but that Danny Welbeck being a massive United fans makes it impossible to say much without him reacting.

“We all get on very well when we meet up,” he said. “You have to be very respectful about the touchy subjects because players have passion and love for their club. I’m the same for my club and so we are never disrespectful. We spoke with them about winning the League [last season] and it was open and respectful and a very good vibe. Danny Welbeck is the worst to crack because he is a mad, mad, mad Manchester United fan. I joke that he can hate me at United but we have to be friends with England. He lives on my road actually and we have some good banter but it is always professional.”