Picklive Preview: Man United v Arsenal – Saturday 5:15, ITV 1

This evening’s FA Cup Quarter Final now has extra spice; both on the pitch and on Picklive. Both sides left licking wounds after recent setbacks, not to mention being the latest chance for RoM readers to stake their claim for that £100 prize. Furthermore we will be giving £50 away to one randomly selected player who participates this Saturday.

The reds seemingly inexorable march to the title has wobbled a little of late, whilst Arsenal were taught harsh lessons at the Nou Camp on Wednesday. For that reason both will be desperate to get back on track and win this cup tie, with the sense being that this will be a return to the blood and thunder days of previous Arsenal clashes.

With that in mind here is some sage picking advice from Picklive themselves:

Top United Pick:

Dimatar Berbatov

To beat RoM league player Urchany Reds’ current high score, attacking players are by far the best option. The Bulgarian’s form has dipped a little of late, but when he is hot, then he is really hot. Had United’s game against Blackburn featured on Picklive he would have been the only player ever to score 200 points in a single game. He is a risky pick, but risks need to be taken to bag the three figure prize.

Top Arsenal Pick:

Robin Van Persie

By the same token, you may need to commit the ultimate sin and put faith in an Arsenal player. After his petulant red card prompted Arsenal’s capitulation in the Nou Camp, he will be very keen to atone for his error and put in a big performance tonight. As likely as Berbatov to do something out of the ordinary.

One to Avoid:

Jack Wilshere/Rafael

If the game does degenerate into the kind of battle synonymous with these two team’s clashes of the early noughties, then you want to avoid players likely to lose their call. Ill discipline can be incredibly costly on Picklive with three points lost for a foul, ten for a yellow card and forty for a red. Both of these players are blessed with incredible talent, but their youthful exuberance has got the better of them occasions – and they may be best avoided in the heat of battle.

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