Eden Hazard has revealed that Jose Mourinho is the one coach he would like to experience playing for again. He is now in to his seventh year in the Premier League but the only time he was named the best in England was when he played for Mourinho.

In Mourinho’s final season at Chelsea, when he was sacked in the December following winning the league, Hazard failed to score a single goal in any competition until after the manager left, and he has acknowledged he should take the blame for that after returning to the club unfit following an extended holiday.

In 12 years I’ve only had one bad season, the last six months under Mourinho, and it was partly my own fault. After the title, we asked Mourinho for extra holidays. I came back totally out of shape.

The last season under Mourinho was not enjoyable. We didn’t win, we got into a sort of routine, training without having fun, it was better for all parties that we parted ways. But if I’m asked now about one coach with whom I want to work again, I would say Mourinho.

I don’t regret many things in my career, but that I have not been able to work with Mourinho at Chelsea anymore is one of them. We had a team that could win more trophies. We just ended up in a negative cycle.

I sent him a message to say I was sorry he had gone and that I was sorry. We’d enjoyed all that success together, but this time we hadn’t. I felt a little bit guilty because I’d been player of the year. I’d been one of the most decisive players, and then I performed less.