Last week, Sir Alex Ferguson suggested that Real Madrd were only interested in Gabriel Heinze as a way of enticing Cristiano Ronaldo to Spain.

Comments appeared in the paper the following day with a response from Heinze, however he quickly came out to deny these remarks were anything to do with him. He was saving up a response, making sure it really told Ferguson what he thought of him.

“It made me sad to hear him say those things,” said Heinze. “I do not know if it is true or not, but it is certainly a shame that some with the experience of Ferguson is capable of saying such stupid things. If it was a fan or another player then maybe I could understand it, but someone with his experience doing that is not normal.”

So Heinze is sad that Ferguson thinks the reason behind Real Madrid wanting our defender was to lure his best mate, Cristiano Ronaldo, at the next opportunity they could.

It is rather suspicious that Ronaldo and Heinze are best mates, and that real were prepared to pay over the odds for the defender, despite the obvious knowledge we wanted to get rid, after his public desire to play for the dippers.

“Ferguson is someone that has earned respect both on and off the pitch and for him to say such daft things really is disappointing,” he added. “But the facts speak for themselves. He wanted me to go and now says that he wanted me to stay? I was there for three years and gave everything.”

Something got lost in translation along the way it seems, as Ferguson never claimed he wished Heinze had stayed.

“Besides, I really could not care less what other people say. I value what my team-mates say here far more.”

However, after all his talk of disappointment and sadness, he finishes his little speech with a claim that he actually couldn’t care less. Hmm. Convincing.